5 Date Essentials for Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year? We know there are planning procrastinators out there, so let us help! We have some tips to give you a head start on planning an amazing date! Remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it’s about spending time with your favorite person.

1) Figure out your theme! Are you and your Valentine playing hooky from work, having a movie night, a romantic dinner? Having a theme makes it super easy to plan your date!

2) Tidy up your date space. Don’t go crazy scrubbing the floors, date night is supposed to be relaxing. Just put away the everyday clutter, like random bills, toys, dishes, etc… you will see a huge difference!

3) Love is in the air. Set the mood with an essential oil diffuser blend! Featuring the scents of our 100% Pure Lavender, Orange Sweet, and Patchouli essential oils, our Sweetheart Diffuser Blend has a soft, sweet floral aroma that warms your spirit and soothes your senses.

4) Dress up! What makes a stay-at-home date night different than any other night at home? Your wardrobe! You can dress as fancy as you want or just chill in your pjs, it all depends on your theme.

5) Put the phones down! Cellphones are great, but they’re a huge distraction. By putting the phones away, you and yours can enjoy time together without any interruptions.

BONUS! Spice up date night with a relaxing massage using our DIY Massage Oil! Featuring our 100% Pure Lavender Oil and our unscented Sweet Almond Oil, this massage oil is easy to pre-make and a great way to unwind!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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